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Palisades Zoysia Delivery for your traffic stopping lawn.

Palisades - The most shade tolerant of the zoysia varieties we carry.  

Palisades is a medium textured, high density turf suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks, and highway medians. Palisades is also noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. The most shade tolerant of the zoysia varieties we carry.  

When compared to St. Augustine, Palisades has a comparable shade tolerance, requires less water and fertilizer, and is a thicker, denser turfgrass. During extremely dry periods, Palisades only requires one to two deep irrigations per month.  

Palisades Zoysia Specs  

 -Shade Tolerance: Full Sun and Excellent Shade Tolerance  

- Drought Tolerance: Extreme  

- Blade: Medium coarse texture  

- Intended Use: Commercial, Golf, Residential  

- Mowing Height: 1/2" - 2"  

Grows from above-ground runners (stolens) and below-ground shoots (rhisomes) Uniform density  

Low maintenance Low water use Tolerates low mowing Requires less fertilizer; can thatch if over-fertilized  

Thrives in hot and relatively cold conditions High-density growth pattern  

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450 Square Feet Per Pallet

Palisades Zoysia

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